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  1. Joe Holmes

    Joe Holmes New Member

    For all you people who have tubed tyres check out www.tyrepliers.com.au I bought a kit for tubed tyres, you can also get a kit for tubless, cost about Au$250 & has everything I'll need including patches & a glue on valve stem for emergencys.
  2. GregW

    GregW New Member

    I got the tube repair kit , basic-no pumps etc. $48 and its really great. the quality of the patches and all the bits and pieces is heaps better than those crappy little ones you usually get at bike shops.
  3. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto Member

    That kit looks useful! But actually what I usually bring with me is a sealant dispensing air pump, which automatically seals off small holes while inflating. But I will probably get me one of those for garage use.. It looks a lot easier to use.

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