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Discussion in 'Upcoming Events' started by hahn, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Hi, my name is Rob. I bought an 06' KLR 650, just south of Ocala forest in Florida. I commute back/forth to work mostly, still scared to get it dirty. I'd like to do some highway riding to get to other riding/sightseeing areas. The bars really buzz, hands fall asleep, and it seems the motor is screaming @ 4,700rpm around 65mph. I'm thinking of a 16 tooth front sprocket and some lead shot in the bars???? Any suggestions? Also, I'd like to find a local dual purpose group to ride with. I'm 35 miles north of Tampa, maybe 60 miles south of Ocala.
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    Hi Rob, I had a KLR 650 which was a dream for me. I had what is called a bar-snake and gel grips on it. I also had side mounts for the Givi saddle bags and a mount for a Givi tour trunk, extended winshield, and an after market seat built onto the seat pan. I could ride this bike all day long on the highway. Work on this bike and make it yours, you'll fall in love with it. I did end up selling mine to buy a KTM for off road use, but I still think of the KLR as the best all rounder that I have had. I even had a VSTROM 1000, and found the lighter weight of the KLR was preferable. I also agree that you should look into the dixie dual sport group. There is a weekend ride coming up in October in ALA that would be perfect for your bike. I just rode a cross florida ride with that group going through six national/ state forests and one of the riders was on a KLR650 (check out the photos on the web site. If your inclined I still have a set of wheels (front and rear) with sprocket and rotors that came off the KLR that could be set up with
    an extra set of tires. (one set for the road/ one for off road). Best of luck with your bike, they do have a lot of potential in the proper environment.

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