Tires for dual sport adventure bikes

Discussion in 'Rubber' started by TripSpec, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. TripSpec

    TripSpec Administrator Staff Member

    I am starting a wiki entry on tires for dual sport adventure bikes.
    One on each diameter, 21" and 19" fronts, 18" and 17" rears.
    I though this might be a good place for people to share their experiences with different types of tyres....
    Why add them to the wiki?
    Well people who join after the discussion, who are away while discussions take place or don't want to search through a load of post to find the good bits can read the tyre wiki.
    If the wiki is popular then other things could be added e.g. panniers, tank bags, sleeping bags, tents, .... oh chairs, food.
  2. Michael M

    Michael M New Member

    Sounds great! How about adding a field for the make/model of bike on which you used them?
  3. NX4rider

    NX4rider New Member

    I run Pirelli MT90 Scorpion ST's on my Honda. Work great on the pavement wet or dry. There are terrific on dry packed dirt roads, gravel and loose dirt when aired down to about 16-18 PSI. Not good in the mud, at least not where I live where the mud is clay that cakes up and sticks worse than super glue. Other than that highly recommended.

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