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Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Earthrider, Jan 23, 2001.

  1. Earthrider

    Earthrider New Member

    Has anyone had any experience using Continental TKC80 tires on a large bike such as, ohhh, say a BMW GS or Triumph Tiger? Specifically, I'm interested in knowing how many miles one might get out of them on a such a large bike.
  2. Jim D

    Jim D New Member

    I was useing them here in Oz on an R100GS and getting 6-8k on them, I found them to wear quite well with good grip levels on dirt, gravel, sand also wear reasonably well on the tar.

    I've since got an Africa Twin and use Michelin Deserts on it ,along with the Husky TE610 and I wont use anything else,probably only 6k out of a rear ,but for the riding I do which is 70% dirt/gravel they work very well. I had a Metezler Karoo on the Husky when I bought it and got 1900k from it ,never again.

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