Tire Mounting / Pocket Balancer?

Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Brooksy, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Brooksy

    Brooksy New Member

    A recent mishap in an otherwise wonderful off-road adventure weekend has left me with the following questions relating to re-shoeing my R 100 GSPD.

    1) Where did you mail order your Avon Gripsters and were you happy with service / price / tire age when you got them?

    2) Anyone in the Portland, OR / Northwet area have a pocket tire balancer or other non-pocket balancing apparatus that I could use? If so, could I trade some homebrew beer for your guidance in mounting the tires (my first time) and balancing them?

    3) Alternative to #2 - Anyone willing to fabricate (I'll pay) a pocket tire balance thingie for me regardless of your location?My need is, as you would expect, rather urgent. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Robert W

    Robert W New Member

    Gripster source: Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse actually is a decent source of Gripsters. Some complain of occasional backorder delays but so far they have been OK. However, I bought my last Gripsters for former GS PD at my local dealer, Apex, here in Colorado Springs. Both sources provided clean new tires and dealer cost not much more than MAW.

    "Pocket balancer"?" If you really must do it in the field (why?) then something as simple as a 3/8-inch aluminum rod 18" long will do. Just run in through the axle hole, hold one end, let the other rest on anything (horizontally) while letting the wheel turn its way to heavy-part-down. Not precision but good enough for field work. But personally I would not wastemy time with a field device/procedure, and instead would wait for the fringes of civilization, and thereby avoid carrying another tool.

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