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Discussion in 'Rubber' started by blevy, Aug 18, 2001.

  1. blevy

    blevy New Member

    I am looking for a tire that will hold up to about 4000 miles of pavement and at least 1000 miles of off-road riding. The dirt section might be challenging, so I am looking for good off-road capability.

    Thanks in advance for you experience.
  2. Mike S

    Mike S New Member

    I've been happy with the Kenda 270 on my Transalp. The last front gave me over 6000 miles and the rear about 9000 miles (pavement and off-road) Prive is good also at about $75-80 for front and rear.
  3. klr650

    klr650 New Member

    Ditto on the Kenda 270's.. don't even think about canyon carving but ok on pavement and moderate cornering. Decent in the dirt front and back. Haven't had them in deep mud but muddy surfaces handled ok if careful. KLR pulls like a tractor with it on the rear. Have 7k miles on the rear and could go another 1K but have a replacement in the garage waiting ...front .. not sure but at least the same mileage

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