The *Perfect* Adventure Touring Boot?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by Ryan, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

    I'm trying to figure out what boots to get for an indefinite (1-50+ years) Latin American Odyssey. I thought I wanted motocross boots at first but those things are useless for anything but riding.

    At this point there seems to be 3 pretty strong candidates. I don't really care about price, as the right boots are priceless. Anyone have any experience, insight, or comparison comments for the following boots, or other suggestions?
  2. Dave S

    Dave S New Member

    Despite the name I love my Sidi "OnRoad" Tall, good grip soles, warm and I can walk 20 miles in them. 100% waterproof! Top rated boot by MCN.
  3. Ryan

    Ryan New Member

    Okay, so everyone loves the 'Stich (Sidi) Combat Touring boot.... is there no one to sing the praises of the Gaerne Explorer or the Viberg Dual-Sport? Or is it that no one has much experience with these boots?
  4. Dannny

    Dannny New Member

    Ditto. Tho I will term the Sidi On Road boots as a light d/s boot. They were great on the Copper Canyon trip. Definitely w/p.
  5. Bob S

    Bob S New Member

    I use the Combat Touring Boots. BTW, they are made by Sidi. They're a reasonable compromise between hiking boots and motocross boots. They're perfect for riding, but take a while to break in for walking. Once they're broken in, they're easy to walk in although I carry some low cut walking shoes for more comfort when I am touring.
  6. ricard

    ricard New Member

    Definetevely, the Combat Touring waterproof and easy to walk with
  7. Pier F

    Pier F New Member

    My choice is Magnums'. They are choice of Motorcycle Law enforcement. All black with canvus inserts. Waterproof and very light. Also vert cheap(under $70)
  8. Ed

    Ed New Member

    There is no perfect boot.

    Don't forget how HOT it gets in the low tropics. I currently own the AeroStitch Combats by Sidi and love them here in temperate Colorado. The Combats are tall and require a long knee sock to be comfortable. This combined with their extra protective padding I know would be a real miserable wear in 90% humidity and 95 degrees F. Great in the cold mountains though.

    I guarranty that driving along the Pacific coast of Mexico near Acapulco for example you'd rather be in tennis shoes. Too hot, too humid. So I reccommend you take a good pair of tennys with you too. (But then those big old wonderful Sidis get hard to pack.)

    It is more dangerous in my opinion to be so uncomfortable that it affects your driving than to have less protection on your body. First line of defense is not to crash. Being hot and miserable will detract from your driving.

    Or compromise with a lighter weight lower boot able to be worn in the heat of the Mexico and Central America. You will give away protection though.
  9. caldwell

    caldwell New Member

    I'm considering the Red Wing waterproof boots for touring boots.
  10. klr650

    klr650 New Member

    I have, wear, and enjoy the Gaerne Explorer. 15 months old still waterproof, at least my feet haven't been wet yet. They are comfortable to walk in, I've had several hours of clambering around deadfalls and logging roads and never thought of the boots, they worked so well.

    I wouldn't recommend as a cold weather boot, froze my feet off at times in 40 and less air temps . They do need some type of insert in them, I'm using doubled up gel pads in each boot. These seem to dampen vibes on long street rides.

    I will probably buy these again, if and when these wear out, but probably like most things I find I like because they last well they won't be made when I go to look for a new one.

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