The Alpine Loop in Colorado

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Russ A, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Russ A

    Russ A New Member

    I finally got down to the Alpine Loop in Colorado with my DR650. It's in the San Juan mountains. I left around midday and rode towards Lake City then I camped at Lake San Cristobal. The views were just perfect. I left early next morning and rode the loop anti clockwise. So that meant I started in Lake City and went through Engineer Pass and then back through Cinnamon Pass.

    Engineer Pass is at 12,800 feet and when I got there the clouds came in and there was a little bit of snow. It wasn't too bad but I didn't want to stay around too long so I kept going. The views were magnificent and the mountains have this mineral colors which really stand out.

    I rode onto Cinnamon Pass which is pretty steep in places and a lot of fun on the DR, I think this bike was made for these mountains. All in all it was an amazing ride!
  2. showpony

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    That's a great ride! I did the Alpine Loop a few months ago. We rode through Hurricane Pass and Corkscrew pass - basically the other side of Engineer Pass. I really enjoyed it, I would do it again any day!

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