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Discussion in 'Camping' started by klr650, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. klr650

    klr650 New Member

    I'm looking for a new tent to carry on the bike, I have been using a Predator Bivy which packs down to about 6"x18". The pack size is about perfect, I could go longer I guess but I'm looking for a bit more interior room. It's about 7.5'x3' and probably just under 3' under the peak. Also what are people using for pillows?
  2. Wayne

    Wayne New Member

    REI Half-Moon Plus is a nice tent. I don't think it packs up much bigger than the one you have. It's my next tent for solo bicycle/motorcycle touring.
  3. Earthrider

    Earthrider New Member

    Does anyone know where I can get an inflatable camping-type pillow? I've looked all over and can't seem to find one. I've tried the hollowfil, stuffsack type before, and have found them pretty much useless (if it compresses into a bag, it compresses under the weight of your head!) I figure inflatable would be a great way to go - stores very small, and then you can put as much/little air into it to make it comfortable at night. I'd like to find one online or phone/mail order, as I'm really not looking to drive across the country for a pillow!
  4. Ian

    Ian New Member

    One thing you might want to consider is one an inflatable pillow sold in travel stores for air travel. It is inflatable and can either fit around your neck or be like a nest to your head. It's very small and doesn't take much to be inflated.
  5. Greg J

    Greg J New Member

    The inflatable blown up hard enough to be thick enough is like sleeping on a basketball...

    Inflatable pillows by themselves are unpleasant in many respects imho, so we've ended up with a Thermarest hollowfil pillow, then a very softly inflated inflatable (about 1 1/2" thick only), both in a pillow case stuffed with clothes. Works a treat!

    They are available at all camping stores, cheap. Vinyl ones don't last long, but ot bad for short trips. The canvas/rubber kind last forever but are much heavier and bulkier.
  6. MarkHam

    MarkHam New Member

    REI carries the Therma-Rest Pillow. Best alternative to the stuff sack I have found. YMMV.
  7. Jan

    Jan New Member

    I usually fold my sweater under my head. Thickness adjustable and NO extra item or weight to carry.

    For addition of height, and for seating, anywhere from the bike itself (on top of the original seat, under a sheepskin), on an aluminum box taken off the bike, etc., I use a Therm-A-Rest Sports Seat. Self inflatable as the original T-A-R matress, one and a half inch thick when inflated. Not much but helps a lot. Available e.g. at REI.
  8. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    This sounds fairly bizarre, but get the bladder out of a box of wine, rinse it well (unless you like the smell of stale wine...:), and use it as a pillow. With no air, it's absolutely flat.
  9. Bill

    Bill New Member

    I use an inflatable neck pillow. It has a felt-like finish and is reasonably comfortable while camping. It delates and folds absolutely flat, so it hardly takes any space. I've paid anywhere from about $2.00 to about $6.00 for them at K-Mart or Wal-Mart. Also you can use your sleeping bag stuff sack or other stuff sack - put clothes in it to get thickness and density desired. Another option is a ThermaRest self-inflating pillow which you can add air to if you wish. Available at camping outfitters or possibly CampMor mail order camping equipment. They're nice, but take more space. Good luck.
  10. KenW

    KenW New Member

    I have been using the Mylar liners from a 1 gallon / 4 litre juice or wine box. During the day, you can pack water in it for a drink or cool down , then empty & inflate it to desired amount, & wrap a towel, or T shirt around it for pillow duty (valve side down). Cheap too !! I always try to think "Double Duty" for everything I pack. Good luck finishing off the wine in a hurry, though.
  11. Dehager

    Dehager New Member

    Look for an Eureka Aurora 2.

    Packed size: 6x20, 3 season, self supporting, big side windows/ door like the bibler tents. You can find them for $150 if you shop around. Lots of room and easy to set up. You might find a smaller tent but after spending rainy nights in it you will really appreicate the space.

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