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Discussion in 'Parcel Racks, Panniers, Luggage & Seats' started by filmagic, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. filmagic

    filmagic New Member

    Can anyone give me the names of companies that make BIG and durable tankbags that are not magnetic?
  2. HarryL

    HarryL New Member

    Try www.bagster.com I've used them daily for almost 15 years and am mighty impressed. I had to replace one zip in that time and my other ripped apart in an accident due to weight I had in it at the time. I just swop the bag from bike to bike by just buying the appropriate harness for the model of bike I have at the time and since I've only used 4 during this period it has not proved to expensive.

    They have quite a wide variety with extendables but all come with built in map pouch and waterproof cover. Uhh ! you'd think I worked for them. ( I don't )
  3. ThomasK

    ThomasK New Member

    So far, I like my Wolfman on my GS/PD
  4. KenW

    KenW New Member

    Wolfman alpha is a large, durable tank bag with a klr650 specific mounting harness or a general motorcycle harness available. Non-magnetic. I like mine.

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