Suggested riding route from QLD Border to Fraser Island

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    Starting from Tenterfield take the Mt Lindsay Hwy.
    (1) First 30 km tar, if you have time go in and check Bald Rock NP (5km East of Hwy).
    This rock is the largest hunk of granite in the southern hemisphere or there abouts.
    (2) Next 70km is deco dirt via Liston, Amosfield and Legume.
    (3) Veer left at Legume for Killarney
    (4) 5km before Killarney, turn right for Queen Mary Falls & 'The Head'
    (5) At Carrs lookout, check out the actual head (of the Condamine River). Take a leak here and eventually someone in Adelaide will drink it etc. Note If you want to add a day to the trip, do the lower head road through the actual gorge (can take up to 8 hours when wet and don't go alone)
    (6) From Carrs Lookout down the mountain and follow the dirt to Teviot Falls (alternatively you can a longer way by White Swamp but the views aren't as good). Stop to look at the falls and you will find you are on the rim of the Great Divide.
    (7) Down the face we go (be aware of slime in the causeways crossing Carney's Creek at the base)
    (8) Left at the T (else you go back up via White Swamp)
    (9) About 5 or 6 km on your left a dirt road will loop you round Lake Moogerah via Croftby.
    (10) After the lake it's tar & potato country, Charleybong, Kalbar, Milbong, Peak Crossing, Ipswich, .... Brisbane
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    (1) Out of Brisbane (From Hawthorne Street) go west to Samford
    (2) 4 km out of Samford turn right to Eaton's Crossing
    (3) About 4 km along this road turn Left for Clear Mountain
    (4) Stop aside the Clear Mountain Health resort & look over your shoulder for a cool view of Brisbane, dirt starts then down hill and left at T.
    (5) Right at next for Dayboro (junction turn onto Samford / Dayboro road)
    (6) Turn right at the Dayboro pub, 500metres turn Left for Mt Mee by the tar (you need a permit for the dirt through Mt Mee Forest else I would send you that way) and then down to the T junction of Mt Mee / D'Aigular (Pub) and the Caboolture / Woodford road.
    (7) Turn Left for Woodford
    (3) Go straight through Woodford
    (4) 500m out of town turn left for Villeneuve to Kilcoy Road
    (5) At end of this road (after crossing the top of Lake Somerset, Left at Tee into Kilcoy
    (6) Turn right in Kilcoy (past memorial in street centre) for Yedna / Jimna
    (7) 2-3km out turn right for Mt Kilcoy (veer left about 1-2 km further on)
    (8) From Kilcoy it's about 20 Km to the Sunday Creek road (once climbing on the dirt basically it's left at first T, cross creek (bridge) then left at next T, don't veer left further on else you go back down to Yedna but veer right (Yedna Lookout) till you reach the Yedna / Jimna Road above Jinker Hill. You could take a dekko at Yedna lookout it's a 1.5km dead end & 50m walk.
    (9) On the Tar, turn North for Jimna
    (10) 1km past Jimna stop at the Fire Tower, it's the highest in QLD and you can climb it for a great view west from the Conondales t to the Great Divide. As my Swiss friends once said at this point "It's beautiful!", I replied "Really! It's largely Pine Forest" and the reply? "Ah but there are no Villages as far as you can see". It's true & the great thing in Oz - lots of space.
    (11) Two ways down & East, Mt Buggery or Sunday, as we are going to Boreen tonight I will take the latter
    (12) Go back south 5 km on the tar & take the Sunday Creek road through the forest (32km) to Kenilworth via Mary CairnsCross Park.
    (13) Turn Left at tee (tar) to Kenilworth
    (14) Lunch is Kenilworth (if you started early enough)
    (14) Turn right out of Kenilworth (Eumundi).
    (15) After 1km Turn Right (Mapleton)
    (16) Through Kiddaman Creek & up the road to Mapleton.
    (17) Have a beer on the deck & be gob smacked by the View
    (18) About face & go back 2-300m turn right onto the Mapleton Forest drive
    (19) After Cooloolabin Dam turn first left for Belli Park (Paradise Point Road) a nice forest jaunt, the actual P'point point turn off however runs to a dead end.
    (20) After dropping down the range Left at Tee onto the tar
    (21) 5km turn Right (Gympie)
    (22) 6m Turn Right for Ridgewood, Black Mountain, Yural and the Pacific highway
    (23) Pomona then Boreen Point (another set of nice Pubs)

    If you were going to the Fraser Coast (which ferry??) and had an extra then take in some Safari stuff for sure.
    From Boreen, got to Imbil, Barumba Dam, Mt Buggery (you will love that)
    Right at Tee (you are now 13km N of Jimna) Through Manumbar to Hwy 17.
    Our next trip to Fraser will be via the ferry at Hervey Bay so do some Safari.
    Right onto Hwy 17, through Goomeri, past Tansey (10km) "watch for lasers"!
    Take the dirt across to Woolooga / Biggenden road turn Right (south)
    Go about 10 km down toward Woolooga ( a great Pac Hwy short cut tar road in itself)
    Turn Left (east) to Tiaro. A great winding dirt track!
    Have a beer a the Hideaway Pub in Tiaro.
    At Tiaro you can get to the Maryborough Tin Can Bay road via Bauple & Bauple forest (the forest can be confusing so check directions the Bauple). Turn left for Maryborough or right for Tin Can Bay & Rainbow Beach.

    Maps RACQ - Brisbane / Sunshine Coast & Maryborough / Bundaberg .... enjoy
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    Sounds great, I'll try this when I'm back in brissy. The wife to a friend to Fraser for a week, so I'll take my bike.
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    The CT110?

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