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Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Charlie, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    I will be riding out to Vegas from Denver in 3 weeks and will be doing a SS1000 in mid June. I have a Conti TKC80 front tire waiting to be mounted. It seems a shame to mount such a semi-expensive 50/50 tire just before a 2000-mile highway ride and in a few weeks later a 1000-mile street ride.

    Checking MAW (I'll probably buy locally for the acutal purchase)I found the above street tire for about $36. Anybody have experience with these. I know many of you like the K270s.

    I could also get a matching K671 rear for a total of about $85. Less than the one Conti. I may just wear out the Dunlop d604 on the rear (never really liked it), and when I get back mount the TKC80s on both ends.

    In the past I only ever purchased premium rubber, but that was for big heavy fast sporting bikes. Not a 50hp single. I really liked the Dunlop GT501s.

    Any other recommendations? I need a 100/90x19 front. Maybe I should just mount the Conti and be done with it. Does anybody know how many miles I should get out of a front?
  2. Ram

    Ram New Member

    I crossed the country with a Kenda K657 Challenger on the rear and I didn't like it. Pretty serious imbalance and it rode way too stiff.

    I don't know about the K671.

    I returned home on a Cheng Shin C822 and liked it much better. Smoother ride and no balance issues. Seemed to grip wet pavement just fine (contrary to Cheng Shin's reputation).

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