Soft Luggage for XR650L

Discussion in 'Parcel Racks, Panniers, Luggage & Seats' started by dengwynn, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. dengwynn

    dengwynn New Member

    Looking to acquire some soft luggage for use on an XR650L. Brands that would be suitable... Revpack or Ortlieb Dry Bags... anyone have any such items gathering dust in a corner?
  2. KennethG

    KennethG New Member

    I use Chase Harper Cruiser Bags (about $85)on my DR650. Originally used the smaller Chase Harper Solo bags (about $60). Check their webb site. I think the Ortliebs will be too big for the XR but they fit fine on my 98 Tiger.
  3. danielcandanozahv

    danielcandanozahv New Member

    I have a pair of throw-over leather saddlebags for sale.
  4. Lauren

    Lauren New Member

    There are a number of different sizes of Ortliebs, the largest ones I have on my GS and will soon go on my DR:

    I don't think they are too large - in fact they are a bit on the small side, but they do make smaller and thinner ones. I have found the Ortliebs to tougher than the standard cordura/nylon bags.

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