Snap! Oh Shit!!

Discussion in 'Crashes' started by Chris H, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Chris H

    Chris H New Member

    Well it looks like I wont be going to the Alpine afterall. We weren't going to go originally, Sally hates the camp site and I'am not to thrilled with it, so she then decides to fly to Adelaide for the weekend. I began to reconsider, especially as a lot of old BMW Vic mates, who haven't been there for many years are going. Untill yesterday, when walking along a footpath and stepping off on to the road and snap! the bloody cruciate in the right knee lets go. Beleive me, you can really hear it go, stumble and limp to the car. Doc says at least 2 weeks resting, no bending or kneeling, hopefully it will heal it self otherwise I go under the knife. Shit!! Oh well at least I get to spend time reading all the mail during the day.
    No cheers
  2. moto

    moto New Member

    Sorry to hear that. I tore my ACL several years ago and eventually had to have surgery, so I know just how little fun that kind of knee injury is. Here's hoping you heal up and get back on the road.

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