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Discussion in 'Camping' started by Lauren, Dec 4, 2000.

  1. Lauren

    Lauren New Member

    I discovered this summer that my Thermarest spleeping mat had sprung a leak, and since wking up every hour to re-inflate the mat is not conducive to getting a good nights sleep, I would like to solicit the lists opinion on alternative sleeping mats. This time around I would like to try something different and a little more comfortable than the Thermarest. I bought mine at a time when I could still do backpacking, so then weight and size were very important factors, but now I no longer do that (back injuries do not allow me to walk very far), so I can splurge a little and go for a bit more comfort. I wouldn't mind finding a sleeping cot that I could haul along too, but I have yet to find one that is compact yet will allow my 6'6" (about two meters for those not lucky enough to live in the great USA ;-) frame to stretch out.

  2. DanP

    DanP New Member

    What thickness? I went from a 3/4" to a 1/1/2" pad, very noticeable improvement.

    Some take an inflatable and a 12 V pump. I got the pump with the air compressor I fit in the side panel of the Concours.
  3. Vick

    Vick New Member

    A patch kit costs about $5 and will last as long as your mattress does.
  4. Fedor

    Fedor New Member

    Short of bringing an air mattress and a pump I would remain faithful to the Thermarest. Go with the Luxury series (LE Long /6 feet) which is a cushy 50mm or 2" when inflated. What was the thickness of your last one? This series also comes with a stuff sack and repair kit. Rolls up nice and compact too. They are pricey at $127 CDN or about $83 USD but worth it for a good nites sleep. I use the MEC Apogee, a 3/4 length 38mm thick which is even more compact and weighs only 860g.
  5. RichardO

    RichardO New Member

    Relative to your existing Thermarest, I'm told by the folds at REI that these mattresses have a lifetime warranty.
  6. Lauren

    Lauren New Member

    hanks to everybody who gave me feedback on this topic - almost everybody has recommended reconsidering and staying with a ThermaRest. I will give the new ones another look, but there are quite a number of other pads out there too. I found a site that had some user opinions of some of the various pads:

    About the only one that seemed to be maybe different by quite a bit in its design and may be more comfortable would be the Mountain Hardware:

    I will try these and the newer thicker Thermarest pads out.
  7. Steve

    Steve New Member

    I had a thermarest that leaked many years ago. I sent it back to the factory, but even after they worked on it twice, it would still lose air after four or five hours, so I'm done with that program.

    An alternative that some of my backpacking friends have used are some open cell designs. Basically just an "egg-crate" open cell pad that's stuffed into a protective nylon cover. They are very comfortable, and obviuosly can't leak. The downside is that although they are quite light, they are very bulky, kind of the opposite of what works best for mc's.

    I live in the Arizona desert, where every living thing in the backcountry, including the plants are mean and nasty. Can you say prickers, pokers, and thorns? I can not ever justify using a pad that relies on holding air, they would have a short life, and only give me a headache (backache).

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