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  1. Mark

    Mark New Member

    a quick trip report of my Simpson Desert ride and thankyou to those who provided information.
    The Trip
    Broken Hill to Alice Return
    The Bikes
    WR400, 2*XR 600 2*XR400 and My Husky 610 and of course a 4WD for Beer etc. Soft I know but the Husky doesn’t come with factory panniers.
    The route
    Day 0 Broken Hill MX Track
    Husky makes brave second attempt at Quad Jump
    Result Broken Bars, trashed helmet, one very sore Husky rider
    Day 2 Yunta Via back Tracks
    Husky cleans up roo at 100. No crash but big wobble + dead roo
    XR6 cleans up Emu at 100. 20 m of cartwheels, bike sore, ribs very sore. Emu extra sore then dead.
    Day 3,4,5 Marree, Dalhousie, Finke
    Top adventure touring country, Hot springs very nice. Missing BMW.
    Day 6 Finke Desert Race Track
    Top Husky Country, awesome riding. WR 400 has a 120km/h Crash.
    Day 7 Alice
    Meet 6 guys on r1100 and r1150 gs’s from Melbourne, heading to Kimberly.
    Day 8, 9, 10, 11
    Down to Simpson Via mystery track across Simpson via French Line. We managed to cross the Simpson while the ends where closed due to rain which meant no traffic and extra fun (Air) on the Dune crossings. We only saw 2 other parties between Alice and Big Red. French Line from Colson Trk to Poppels Corner was some of the best off road riding ever. 12 XR400 crashes in one day
    Day 12,13,14
    Innamincka, Cameron’s Corner, Tib Etc to the Hill.
    Great Bigger bike area, Thousands of roos near Cameron Corner due I think to the wet weather. Loads of smallish ones.
    Drive Home over night and off to work with 1 hours sleep since Saturday Night. ( oh the joys of piss poor planning )
    All up an amazing trip with awesome scenery, loads of water and colour.
    About 50-70 % of the trip would have been better on a proper adventure tourer and about 15 % would have been terrible

    Central Aus is bloody amazing riding with loads of quality tracks and I’m lining up for plenty more trips. Thanks to those answered my questions and a winter jacket was definitely needed.
  2. Marty

    Marty New Member

    Been thinking of this route for some time myself but for too many piss poor reasons I haven’t got off my butt and done it.

    So… you’ve got the Husky and the BMW, what would you call a ‘proper adventure tourer’?
  3. Gregory

    Gregory New Member

    Now you've got a taste for outback, hope to see you at Tibooburra!
  4. Mark

    Mark New Member

    I figure it would have to convert from r1150 gs to Husky to 125 Motorcross bike to peewee 50 on demand. 1150 for the open stuff, Husky for the good stuff, 125 for the single track and peewee 50 for when I drop it, have to carry it or have to pick it up.
  5. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto Member

    Wow! I've always wanted to take a trip this long, but i am always skeptical with my bike. No matter how conditioned my bike is.

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