Simpson Desert Crossing by Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Ride Planning' started by Tray, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Tray

    Tray New Member

    Is there anyone here who has crossed the Simpson Desert by motorcycle? I'm not sure if I should get the tank on my KLR650 enlarged or carry a plastic fuel can instead. What sort of fuel range do you need by motorcycle? I understand that motorbikes use a bit more fuel than normal on sand but hopefully you don't need more than 40 Litres of fuel or I will have to get a tank and bring a fuel can!
  2. Tom

    Tom New Member

    I've seen a video of a Simpson desert crossing by motorcycle online, but they had backup vehicles with fuel. If anyone has done the crossing solo without a back up vehicle I would be interested in which way they went and how much fuel I took also.
  3. Mark

    Mark New Member

    • Make sure you plan rest days or reserve days. It's good to stop for a day every week or so to wash cloths, restock, put your feet up, write home, etc
    • Don't travel across the Simpson alone if you can avoid it. Try to get a support vehicle or another rider to go with you.
    • Remember to purchase the desert parks pass and the maps are worth it too as you can plan ahead with them.
    • You can refuel in Oodnadatta if you like. It's a small place but the road house has spare tyres at really high prices...
    • Don't rush yourself, remember this is a holiday!

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