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Discussion in 'Crashes' started by MikeB, Feb 14, 2000.

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    Riding my GT750 home from an errand Sat. on Hauge,a two way street the car in front of me turned to the right abruptly onto Grace. I looked to my right at the car a little upset at their lack of a signal. When I turned my head back to the left I saw a car coming towards me from the other side of Grace. I thought to myself "she's not going to run that Stop sign". Guess what...she did! Estimating her current speed I counter steered hard to the left, so I could swerve around the back of the car. But as soon as she saw me she slammed on her brakes and smacked into her on the rear door. I flew in the air and landed with my ribs smashing against the corner where the roof the door comes together. My head smacked the roof, face first(always buy a full face helmet...and wear it) then I rolled over the trunk. I never hit the ground, as soon as I rolled off of the trunk I landed on my feet. The lady that was driving the car was hysterical, I was gasping for air and was a little freaked out when I couldn't breath. I ran over to the grass and laid down still trying to breath (don't ever take breathing for granted... it really is a very special thing!) I finally was able to take in a few breaths and my whole side was painfully throbbing. Then one of the bystanders was yelling for someone to turn off the bike because all of the fuel was dumping out all over the place( I had just filled the tank up...I thought to myself "there's $5 wasted") I tried to get up to look at and lift my bike up but by this time I had people all around me holding me on the ground telling me to stay still. I did get a quick peek at the bike though, It was very sad to see my beloved GT750 laying in shredded fiberglass from my windjammer,broken metal bits and gushing petrol on the ground. I also noticed that my trunk was smashed and the lady's car had a big dent on her rear door. A funny thing that I remember is that as I was rolling down the rear of the car, for a split second I was looking right though the rear glass and all of the little girls in the back (about 4 of them) had their mouths and eyes wide open and were staring at me...they were definitely surprised, to say the least. When the paramedics got there I pleaded with them not to cut my coats off (I had my leather jacket on with a Tour Master winter coat on top of that) and they didn't. They put me on a board and rushed me to the hospital. On the way there, one of the EMTs said that I had a really nice helmet and wanted to know how much it cost. I told him and he grimaced a bit. Then he told me that he has transported many riders that didn't have helmets. I told him I bet that they weren't talking to you like this either...he said your right. Anyway I was in the hospital for 4 or 5 hours and was sent home with some pain killers and muscle relaxers, I was told that I have some banged up ribs an to take it easy for a few weeks. Things that I did wrong: first off I wasn't as alert as I should have been. I had run this errand hundreds of times, so I wasn't scanning the area like I normally do. Also I let myself get upset with the driver who had abruptly turned and I turned my whole head to look at the car instead of just my eyes and I didn't scan the side street on my left. Also I hadn't had the bike out for a few weeks and before I left I noticed that the front brake felt a little mushy and I knew that the back brake needed some adjusting. So I shouldn't have taken the bike out until I took care of them. Instead I gave the lame excuse "I'm just going up the street...I'll fix the brakes next week, besides I have to take advantage of this nice day in the middle of winter" The other driver was cited, but now I don't have a bike, which was my main form of transportation. The bad thing is blue book on my bike in very low, compared with what GT750 actually are selling for. I haven't seen the bike yet , but the ambulance driver told me that the front wheel was smashed and is up under the engine. ( he must have been trying to make me feel better by telling me this. :) The very weird things is how the events leading up to the accident and the accident it self, seemed like they took place in slow motion.

    Ride safe...

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