Safe distance?

Discussion in 'Crashes' started by edshuck, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. edshuck

    edshuck New Member

    For autos, a recommended safe distance was a car length for each 10 mph. When following a bike, in a car, what is recommended?
  2. Declan07

    Declan07 New Member

    I am really confused that because I was thinking about the purpose of asking this question. Anyhow according to me there will be 10 meter distance is a safe distance on 50 to 80 mph. Because the bike rider can do the sharp turns but a car driver can't turn or stop the car as sharply.
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  3. TripSpec

    TripSpec Administrator Staff Member

    Count 2 seconds distance and that will work for all speeds. 1001....1002.... That's the general rule with a car but on a motorbike I would aim for even more than that.
  4. haponing

    haponing New Member

    Always keep safe distance from vehicle in front. The time-lapse method works best (2-second rule). But in poorer conditions or rocky roads, double your following distance.
  5. the future

    the future New Member

    I usually do 3 seconds minimum. Unfortunately the people behind me don't seem to give me the same distance

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