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Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Johno, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Johno

    Johno New Member

    Sorry to return to a topic revisited a million times.

    I am planning a mega-trip from Spain to Turkey this year on my Yamaha XTZ750 Superten. Probably 6 to 8 thousand miles total. and I will be doing 98% of the miles on tarmac roads.

    I have always used Adventure-Sport tyres and I have almost no experience of road-only sport-touring tyres.

    I would prefer to do the trip on 1 set of tyres but I MUST have really top quality wet-grip, I won't compromise on that.
  2. Alex

    Alex New Member

    I put 18,000 km on a pair of Michelin Anakees in 2016 doing an around USA trip on a KLR, and they still have quite a lot of mileage left on them. They run at pretty high pressures by the way, (42 psi) for the rear, can't remember the front, and the bike is in winter storage so I can't get at it, but they gave no problems. I'm envious of you about that trip though.
  3. KLRider

    KLRider New Member

    I've been riding a KLR for the past three years having done over 75,000 miles. I've tried almost all the tires listed. I can recommend the Avon Gripster -

    I got better mileage out of the Gripster and felt it was better on gravel roads. The Anakee seems to be made of harder rubber and I wasn't as comfortable with it as the Gripster off road or leaning over in the corners on pavement, but it's a long lasting tire.

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