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Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by caldwell, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. caldwell

    caldwell New Member

    I'm looking to get a two piece synthetic riding suit. One of the features I would like is a removable liner similar to what leather pants have (not a cold weather liner). I would like waterproof riding pants that I can wear without jeans but have a removable liner so I can wash the part that is against my skin. Any ideas?
  2. Greg J

    Greg J New Member

    Have a look at the BMW and Rukka two-piece suits with removeable goretex liners. You just toss the whole lot in the wash.

    Best way to go in my opinion. A lot of travellers are using them and swear by them.
  3. klr650

    klr650 New Member

    I'm using First Gear, Kilamajoro Jacket (I think, waist length not the enduro) and their lined pants (thinsulate I think). Both are about 3-4 years old and still in excellent condition, I have replaced the CE armour. Good stuff IMHO.

    The pants even though lined I've worn in temp's up to about 85 w/ jeans in the Oregon high desert and just unzipped from top down about 8"s and stayed comfortable. I believe they also make unlined pants but I don't know about removable pant liners. btw First Gear is a Heine Gierke (sp?)Co. quality stuff.

    I have purchased J. Rocket and wouldn't recommend it in my experience, I have had seams seperate in the sleeves, and while they replaced it I sold it at 1/3 price during a swap meet.

    Of course Aerostitch's Darien is probably the best stuff 2 piece and they will do just about any custom alteration you might want to give them a call and see if they make the type of pants your looking for.

    The weather here Wa st. is usually not hot, on the west side anyway, to worry hot weather gear, it's more about wet stuff and mild temps.

    Damn! I look outside and it's snowing, the ground's covered, this happens only a couple times a year here.
  4. ricard

    ricard New Member

    Aerostich is the name your looking for.
  5. mcruss

    mcruss New Member

    I use a Bestaff Typhoon jacket and pants, Sidi On-Road sypatex boots. Have only had them 9 months but love 'em. Haven't heard of many people here with the same setup. I rode today and it was 41 degrees and I was quite comfortable. Anyone else out there with similar equipment?

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