Rdiing on Flat tires

Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Emil, Dec 4, 2000.

  1. Emil

    Emil New Member

    On a recent jaunt aboard my XT225, I got a flat tire. I tried to fill it but the air kept finding a way to freedom. I came to find out 3 of my spokes are loose and leaking profusely. How do I rectify this and what's the approximate cost/downtime at a shop?

    BTW, the no-name "Trail Tamer" I ran on the back did quite well at speeds of 40 mph while flat. Quite durable and it got me home safely.
  2. Lauren

    Lauren New Member

    Emil - unless you are running tubeless tires, which I really doubt, it is not your spokes that are leaking but your tube. The spokes may have poked into your tube, or there may be other problems with your tube, but I would get both the spokes and the tube/tire fixed. If the spokes are just loose and not broken, or even if they are, on your bike this should be a relatively minor/easy fix for someone with wheel/tire skills. If the person does not know how to replace spokes and make sure the wheel is true/tuned, then they can really muck it up.

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