Pony Express Trail to Wendover

Discussion in 'Upcoming Events' started by Gregory, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Gregory

    Gregory New Member

    Hi All,

    Are there any group members out here in the West that would anyone like to a short early season ride on the Pony Express Trail from Lehi, Utah to Wendover, Nevada, stay a night or two to goof off in the Casinos and ride the west desert, then return via the Trail or other back ways? I would need to do this before April 7th, 2007.
  2. jbixby

    jbixby New Member

    Thanks for the invite Greg...

    It sounds like a great ride!

    Can't make it but would certainly be interested in hearing about it and
    seeing some pics..
  3. Billy

    Billy New Member

    Would this be a Dual Purpose/DS M/C ride?
  4. Gregory

    Gregory New Member

    Bill (or anyone interested),

    The Pony Express Trail from Lehi, UT to Wendover, NV is almost the same now as it was in 1860. It still has several historic facilities that were used by Pony Express support personnel as well as parts of Camp Floyd which was the largest concentration of US troops in the country prior to the War Between the States. Camp Floyd was set out in the middle of nowhere because the Mormons would not allow the troops to be housed in or around (occupy) Salt Lake City even though the Federal Government claimed to have "won" the "Mormon War". This section is 195 miles from Cedar Fort (last gas), near Lehi, to Wendover. 140 miles are dirt road passable to cars in good weather. I intend to take extra fuel on my KLR 650 (6.1 gallon tank) just in case the roads are bad.

    First day would be riding to Wendover (several nice casinos with inexpensive hotel rooms, gaming, shows, bars, plentiful food, etc.). The second day would be a ride out around the Silver Island Mountains Loop and back to Wendover (about 70 miles total, fifty of them dirt and muddy if there has been rain). Silver Island is a mountain that sticks up out of the Bonneville Salt Flats like an island in the sea. Third day would be riding back to Lehi via the Pony Express Trail or other (shorter) back ways to be determined according to how riders feel.

    I need to complete the ride before April 7th. The temperature in Spring is usually in the 50's and can be chilly or stormy. It is probably not a ride one would travel a long distance to participate in because of the unsettled nature of Utah weather.
  5. TedS

    TedS New Member

    I would just love to do that.
  6. Rider

    Rider New Member

    I'm a new member who is somewhat interested as it sounds like the kind of ride I do. I'm moderately confused as my admittedly poor maps show the Pony Express Trail crossing well south of Wendover. But I'm interested if you don't get too many takers; the dust would likely make a large group impractical.
  7. bwatt

    bwatt New Member

    Mostly a lurker on this group but see you're fairly close. I'm in Snowmass Village. I ride a VStrom 1000 for street and KTM250 for dirt. KTM is street legal but not for long trips. I used to have a DR650 as well. If you are up this way would love to meet you. I ride the VStrom over Mclure Pass in the summer.

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