Pocket PC or Palm based GPS

Discussion in 'Tools, Accessories & Spares' started by paulbent, May 1, 2003.

  1. paulbent

    paulbent New Member

    Does anybody have experience with any of the Pocket PC or Palm based GPS add-on systems?

    It seems that for the price of a Garmin V or 176, you could set up a Pocket PC based system, and have a device that can do more than just display maps. What GPS add-on systems are highly regarded? Is there world map content available? How about shock and vibration issues?
  2. Bagwell

    Bagwell New Member

    Also try the new Garmin I-Que I believe it's called. It's Garmins' new GPS-PDA combo that uses PalmOS. It's on Garmin.com

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