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Discussion in 'Rubber' started by C J, Jul 26, 2001.

  1. C J

    C J New Member

    I am fairly new to this list and have recently aquired a 1999 XR650L that I plan on taking to South America next year.

    After following some info I found on this list I put on a pair of these Pirelli Mt21's. I like the feel of them in the dirt and on the road but am leary of the milage they will give me.

    Can anyone give me an idea how long these tires are lasting on average ?? Combination pavement and gravel surfaces...
  2. Brian Y

    Brian Y New Member

    MT21 are the knobby tires that are DOT approved right? You'll want MT60's or even more street oriented tires for such a trip. I wouldn't expect much more than 2000 miles out of those.
  3. Peter B

    Peter B New Member

    I agree. I had an MT 21 on my KLR, it lasted about 5000 KM before it was squared off. Too much highway riding at too low a pressure. I should have pumped it up to 30 PSI plus.
  4. rydin

    rydin New Member

    irelli MT21 tires ARE DOT approved dual sport tires. I used to ride them on my DR650, with lots of commuting, lots of highway, and some offroad. I just figured that the places that I require the most performance out of my tires are the offroad rides.

    If you ride them with street tire pressure I found the rear to last between 3000-5000 miles and the front a bit more. Yes - by the end of this stint your rear is square.

    Nonetheless, these are the best dual-sport tires I've ever tried. They hold tarmac above and beyond what you would expect from the knobby configuration. If the road is not wet you can be confident in leaning the bike well over. In the dirt - they're great, as long as you realize these are not enduro or motocross tires.

    They wear funny - the front at least has a set of soft knobbies and a set of hard knobbies so that certain knobbies dissappear while others are fine. I used to keep riding them like that and at least on the road they were fine in that "custom" configuration.

    If you want good offroad performance, I believe there's no substitute.
  5. nxdirt

    nxdirt New Member

    I just wanted to comment on the wear characteristics of the MT21. I don't think the knobs are made of different consistencies (hard and soft). I have been running a pair of MT21's on my XR4 and have noticed the odd wear pattern on different knobs. There are two repeating patterns in the center of the MT21, a single knob and double knob. The single knobs wear quickly because there is less contact area with the tarmac.

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