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Discussion in 'Camping' started by Bagwell, Apr 18, 2001.

  1. Bagwell

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    Hey everyone, I've been reading up on petrol stoves to take along with me to Africa. The big issue is that all African fuel is leaded and it clogs up stoves in no time flat. There's quite a thread on on the subject, and it appears that at least with MSR stoves there's no getting around leaded fuel causing major headaches.

    One guy claims that his Optimus stove never clogged on him in Africa, so I'm investigating returning the MSR dragonfly I just bought and checking out an Optimus stove.

    Anyways, have you guys discovered any especially great compact stoves that don't requite lots of maintenance? If not, carrying a small cannister of diesel might be a good alternative, since I should be able to refill that every time I get fuel. Diesel isn't tough to find in North Africa... right?
  2. James W

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    I'm facing the same problem with regard to stoves in Africa. I came to the conclusion that carrying separate fuel for the stove was probably inevitable, and would certainly make life cleaner and more efficient from the cooking point of view. I've opted for a Whisperlite, planning to run it on kerosene, which I understand is also readily available. If I remember correctly, it burns more efficiently than diesel.
  3. Jos T

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    You're right, you can get diesel in North Africa if you stay close to the main transportation routes, where the trucks go. (Where are you going?) I find it a hassle to carry two different kinds of fuel, so I always use my Optimus stove with fuel from the tank on the bike (leaded, or unleaded if I can get it). I never had any problems with it (six trips in Africa), except that I have to clean it (including the nozzle) every two weeks or so. I have an old Optimus that folds up real small that has served me well for years (I don't know what type).

    Tip: it can get real cold at night in the desert. Put your stove in the tent, and put a rock on the burner. It will warm up your tent enough to go to sleep in no time. Don't do this when you burn diesel!
  4. markR

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    Diesel in North Africa can be a best alternative in case of that petrol problem..Diesel costs less expanscive than Petrol too. Any how it is not a big matter to save the money but in case of this petrol problem where it clogs up stoves then Diesel will be proved better...
    Or otherwise take GAS reserves with you to Africa :)

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