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    On the assumption that we can't ride on or wrench on our motorcycles all the time, there has to come a time when we would enjoy a good read about it. I could make a long list of books I've enjoyed, but I'll stick to three:

    The where:

    Obsessions Die Hard by Ed Culberson is a classic adventure touring book. Millions of people have ridden the Pan-American Highway, and some have ridden it all, from Alaska to the tip of Argentina, but Culberson wanted to ride all of it including the portion that has never been built, in the Darien Gap on the border of Panama and Colombia. Read the book and you'll see it really was an obsession. This book can be a little hard to find now.

    The why:

    The Ride So Far by Lance Oliver is the kind of book that looks at why we love to ride. It's a collection of stories about great rides and great destinations, but it goes beyond that and looks at the lessons learned from a lifetime of riding. It also includes some wisdom about riding better. Better written and more thoughtful than most motorcycle books.

    The how:
    The Upper Half of the Motorcycle by Bernt Spiegel is a book that some will find too technical, but if you're looking for the most serious and rigorous study of how to ride better, this is it. Spiegel uses his understanding of how the human brain and body work to explain good riding techniques in greater depth. In his perspective, the rider is the "upper half of the motorcycle." The book was originally written in German and has gone through several printings. It is now available in English.

    I could name lots more, but three's enough for starters. Have your own favorites you'd recommend?
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    These are great finds! thanks!

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