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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Ian Renz, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Hello everyone! My name is Ian and I'm a college student. My car currently gets about 8 mpg, and so I am looking to get back into riding. I had a 200cc Enduro bike for a while, but street riding in Columbus, OH was just too dangerous. So I sold the Enduro (plus it was way undersized for me, as I stand at 6' 3'').

    The appeal of adventure riding to me is that I am not constricted to where the paved road leads. As much as I liked street biking, adventure riding is more wild and more visceral to me. I have some limited experience with off-road riding... but now I'm back in the market for an adventure bike, probably something around 250cc and outfitted for travel.

    I'll be quietly lurking around this forum looking to learn some tips, since being a new guy, I am at risk for making silly mistakes while riding. Hopefully this post finds you all in good health and spirits. Ride safe out there.


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