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Discussion in 'Tools, Accessories & Spares' started by Henry, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Henry

    Henry New Member

    HI Guys, I just installed my new GPS , its a Garmin 76C with a touarech mount, not cheap but you pay for what you get, this GPS is really easy
    to read even with a lot of sun and vibration, the color display and waterproof are included in this model, I tried it on trail and was really happy to the performance.I bought the electrical kit to set up directly to battery and it is well worth it.
  2. Bob S

    Bob S New Member

    Don't forget to keep the "AA's" out while you have it connected to the bike's battery... It turns off by itself sometimes, you'll look down after you've been riden for a while and it's turned off.
  3. Winding

    Winding New Member

    Can I ask a couple of questions on new GPS? How big is the screen? Did you say you hooked it directly to the battery and it also has battery capability? Can you give me a ballpark on what to expect to pay? and the mount - you happy with it - if yes from who and how much? How about memory? I live in Florida and would like to memorize the entire state rather than pieces requiring constant downloading. Is their a lot of memory? can memory be expanded?

    Well, anything you can tell me is appreciated. The Garmin I have is B&W and the screen to small for an old geezer like me - LOL - well only 47 but eyes are starting to go.

  4. Henry

    Henry New Member

    Hi , regarding the Garmin76c, the screen quality is really good and its in color the memory is large enough to dowload as much map as you may want if you want to be technical here are some infos 115 MB of internal memory lets you load MapSource BlueChart or "Recreational Lakes" marine cartography (both optional) Electronic compass (displays accurate headings even while standing still) and a barometric altimeter with an elevation computer USB and serial-port interfaces High-resolution, highly reflective, 256-color TFT display with LED backlight is readable in bright sunlight or darkness 13 MB Americas marine basemap with tide data I connected directly to the batterie but I left the AA inside it work perfectly with both , its waterproof and the sun reflection doesn't affect the wiew of the map , the color help a lot regarding the definition I order the GPS from: TOURATECH-USA Equipment for MotoAdventure from Germany you maybe able to save few $ and order the GPS from some other website but they are really good for the mount , mine doesn't vibrate at all and this help also in reading the GPS while riding off road, some people take of the batterie of the gps whenthey are ridding of road and have it connected to the bike's batterie in order to limite vibration , so far I didn't need to do it.

    Good luck in your search feel free to email me if you need help.
  5. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    I recently purchased a 76CS and the Ram mount. I rode 700 miles of serious Colorado off -road on my KTM in August and just did 750 miles on my R100 GS with this set-up. It preformed flawlessly!! I do recommend the hard wire kit as the batteries tend to loose power occasionally.

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