Motorcyle adventure touring shops in Berlin?

Discussion in 'Tools, Accessories & Spares' started by Les H, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. Les H

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    I'm going to Hamburg and Berlin, Germany next week on a business trip and wondered if anyone knows of any shops in Hamburg or Berlin that sell motorcycle adventure touring equipment. I don't really need anything but I was hoping I could find something cool that I couldn't get in the USA or over the internet. I gather from the large number of links to German motorcycle adventure tourists on that 'motorradabenteuer' is really popular in Germany.
  2. jdf

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    Look out for one of the many Hein Gericke accessory shops that are all over Germany. They have line on most of the adventure touring parts. I bought a Taureg Adventure tank bag there that fits the KLR perfectly.
  3. Arne

    Arne New Member

    welcome in Germany then. I?ve been living in Berlin for some years and there are several shops which sell motorcycle and outdoor equipment.

    "Hein Gericke" and "POLO" are the most famous motorcycle shops in Germany. They are located in the "Bundesallee" street. I don?t know the number but it is easy to reach by the underground train no. U9 about 3 or 4 stations away from the "Zoologischer Garten" (this station is known as "Bahnhof ZOO" very well) heading southwards.

    There is another "Hein Gericke" in the former east part of Berlin. Close to the intersection "Landsberger Alle" / "Prenzlauer Allee" (to be double checked, I don?t remember exactely)

    The outdoor shops (they don?t have special motorcycle gear but everything for camping, outdoor and trekking and I have been a good customer there), I know about, are "BANNAT" and "CAMP 4". "Bannat" is in the "Lizenburger Str." close to the "Zoologischer Garten" and "CAMP 4" is in the east part. You have to take the underground U5 from the "Alexanderplatz" (only one direction possible) and get of the 2nd or the 3rd station. There is the cinema "International" nearby.

    I hope that this information will help you to find some interesting things.

    Have a good time here

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