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    My name is Ahalan and have been reading the digest form since..well I think from about when it was published. I am also an Electrical Engineering student at the Univ. of Maryland.

    I am writing a System Safety analysis for a System Safety course on a "Solo Journey from Washington DC to Tierra del Fuego" and thought I could possibly enlist the help of this fine forum for some insight. Many of us have read tens, maybe hundreds of trip reports with many accidents, problems, encounters and such. However, I am looking for a broader picture of what a rider might encounter on his journeys. Therefore, if you please, fill out the following survey and email it to me


    Note: All items are optional, you can choose more than one answer per question, but please be brief.

    1. Type of problem encountered: (Please leave only the applicable problem/s):
    - Accident: Single Vehicle / Multi vehicle
    - Procedural: (paperwork, visa, passport, licensing, insurance, etc.)
    - Political
    - Criminal
    - Health: Disease, poisoning, exposure, fatigue
    - Animal attack
    - Motorcycle breakdown
    - Road breakdown
    - Other: Please specify:

    2. Result of Problem:
    - Change in schedule
    - Change in route
    - Loss of equipment
    - Loss of Motorcycle
    - Light Injury
    - Hospitalization
    - Permanent physical damage
    - Death
    3. Dates of trip:

    4. General route of journey:

    5. Total planned miles:

    6. Distance from beginning of trip to problem:

    7. Geographical location where problem was encountered:

    8. Brief description of the problem:

    9. Type of motorcycle:

    10. How many years have you been riding prior to this occurrence ?


    I Truly appreciate your time and input for this paper.

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