Motoport Jacket for summer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by Lauren, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. Lauren

    Lauren New Member

    I have been thinking about some summer gear. I know about the Joe Rocket type gear, but I want something that is bright yet tough. I saw the Motoport high visibility yellow Ultra II jacket and it is quite a bit more blindingly bright than my Darien. It is also breathable Kevlar which is supposedly tough and cool. Has anybody actually used this product, or a product like it? Is it cool? Does it protect during a crash (and no I am not really intrested in Aerostich's opinion on the subject).
  2. KenM

    KenM New Member

    I've had one of the Motoport Cordura jackets since 1996. Other than a slight fading of the red fabric, it's been a great buy. The zip out Goretex liner allows me to use the same jacket from a desert climate of 110+ to freezing rain. Don't get one without it. In 1998, I dropped the bike on a baseball sized rock in a tight right hander at about 15 mph & went down on my right elbow . After examing everything, I couldn't even see a mark on the jacket. the armour kept the injuries down to a slight swelling for a few days, but not enough to keep me from riding 600 miles of twisties per day for another week. My guess is that the Kevlar one would be stronger in a high speed spill... hopefully no-one need ever find out.

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