Melbourne to Adelaide. first trip. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Ride Planning' started by MarkS, Mar 4, 2013.

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    first post here. names Mark, 22 years old riding a 2011 cbr250r with yoshi TRC pipe.
    planning a trip to adelaide via the great ocean road for the easter break. Any suggestions for sites to see and places to stay?

    below is a very quick broad view of what I am hoping to see with exceptions;
    → Great ocean road
    → Apollo bay
    → Mutton bird island
    → Warrnambool
    → Tower hill lake
    → Griffiths island
    → Portland
    → Cape nelson
    → Mount gambier
    → Lake bonney
    → Robe
    → The coorong
    → Adelaide

    planning on riding to ride back the traditional route on the A8 for the trip home. As for sleeping arrangements i'm fine with an awning and a stone slab. I can sleep well anywhere. Really want to take in as much nature as possible. Although if there are some iconic places to stay please let me know =]

    Total length of the trip will be 8 days 7 nights. with majority of the time spent heading towards Adelaide. Hoping to get home from Adelaide to west Melbourne in a little over a day. I've spent 8 hours on the bike before and it wasn't an issue. But really want to take my time getting there. seeing all there is to see.

    I have a 30L Kriega waterproof tail bag and a very large, very comfortable swissGear backpack. I am thinking of purchasing a magnetic tank bag as well. If anybody has any suggestions for essential items besides the obvious (lubricants, first aid kit, dunny roll ^.^) that would be great.

    ]this will be my first overnight trip on the bike so don't want to miss out on anything. Don't really have a lot of time to plan so hoping to get as much research done as possible. I only get 10 days off from Uni.

    HERE is a pic of the route I am planning on taking. Thanks!
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    Hey Mark welcome to the forum. You're probably already on the road by now but your trip plan looks excellent. The great ocean road is a really awesome ride. I've done it a few times now.

    You can actually ride along the whole coorong beach but it's more of a dirt bike thing. But I did it on a ct110 postie bike so anythings possible! It's a nice 65km cruise and you can stick to hard sand the whole way if the tide is low. There are some fairly steep dune crossings to get back off the beach though.

    You will have to give us a report on you trip once you get back!

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