It's official, Avon Gripsters AM 24 Tires are back in production!

Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Larry, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Dual Sporters,

    I went to the big Cycle World/ Toyota motorcycle show in San Mateo, California yesterday and had full intentions of ragging on the Avon rep for discontinuing the Gripster AM 24 series of tires. Well there it was on display with a sign posted next to it that it was "back by popular demand" in both 17" and 18" rim sizes, but only in tubeless configuration. No price change either. I talked to the rep and his story was that Avon big wigs came to the conclusiion that dual sporters in Europe really wanted a "aggressive looking" tire for riding on the street which is common in Europe, hence the Distancia. But here in the US where we actually have places to ride off road (but losing them quickly) and conditions require that we need a even more aggressive street tire. So after the US distributors pleaded their case, the Gripster AM 24 has been brought back from the dead. AM 34's will remain dead.

    I inquired about using the tubeless model tire with a tube in place and the stories of additional heat building up from friction of the tube against the inside of the tire and making the tire perform poorly and he assured me that it was just that, a story. He assured me that they do extensive testing and it just is not the case. No problems at all on _Avon_ tires running a tube in a tubeless model tire.

    He also mentioned that he recommended mounting the _front_ model of the Distancia in the reverse direction than the rotational arrow indicates. The tire pattern on the front tire actually tracks better and runs truer and is more stable when run in the reverse direction than the arrows indicate. _This was his recommendation on the front tire only and on the Distancia only._

    I inquired about the way the tires are put together that they would come apart where they are joined and he said that is an issue on a rear tire, but not on a front tire.

    And no I don't work for Avon, I just love using the Gripsters on my Honda XL 600R and BMW R100GS and missed them and was unhappy with the alternatives.
  2. RM

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    It's all Tire Tomfoolery if ya ask me. The AM24 Gripster is hardly any better in the dirt than the 100% street tires I've run.
  3. Bill

    Bill New Member

    I have a set of Gripsters on my KLR650 and they got me from Seattle to Moab with an off-road ride through Arches and the White Rim Trail of Canyonlands and return to Seattle just fine. With all the side roads, dirt riding and the highway miles...I felt in control 99% of the time. The only squirrelly moment was deep sand. I asked Fred (Arrowhead) if I should switch to something more aggressive and he said no. The only warning was to stay off the White Rim trail if it rained. The comment was not made about the tires but rather the park...stay out of the park if it rains.

    I now have about 8.5k on the Gripsters and they look fine. I plan on at least another season with these tires and will probably buy another set to replace the old ones.

    No problems to report.
  4. Russ A

    Russ A New Member

    I used nothing else save one set of MT21s, on my R100GSPD. Now have a set on my KLR and it has been from Phoenix to Fort St. John, BC, and back and from Phoenix to Copper Canyon and back (always good to get back) and they still have a couple thou left on them. The front more than the rear, usual on a light bike. I LOVE THEM! Glad to see Avon woke up. Anyone going to the Cycle World show in Dallas in two weeks?

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