info on Michelin Sirac tires wanted

Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Martin P, Sep 12, 2000.

  1. Martin P

    Martin P New Member

    Anyone had experiences with the Michelin Sirac tire, i.e., how it performs on highway, dirt, sand, mud? Also, what kind of life expectancy they have?
  2. Jim R

    Jim R New Member

    My F650GS Dakar came with the Sirac. I only have about 1k miles on them but they seem pretty good. I haven't had them in the mud but I don't expect much from such a tire in the mud. The miles have been about 50% gravel roads & 50% asphalt. They handle well on the asphalt and slide just about right on the gravel.

    Right now I would buy them again. But, they may go away fast in the next 2-3k miles. I've had Sahara 3s on my KTM Adventures and they don't last very long, especially the rear. I hope to get more out of the Sirac.

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