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Discussion in 'Camping' started by RedRider, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. RedRider

    RedRider New Member

    Andy and I loaded up the KLRs and went camping over the weekend. Photos and ride
    report are here: <http://adventuresidecar.com/?p=1425> .

    I didn't take the dutch oven, but I did take my old #8 Lodge cast iron skillet. We had hoe cakes, bacon, eggs and potatoes for breakfast!

    Hoe Cakes are a variation of corn pone, using boiling water instead of cold water or milk, fried instead of baked. A pinch of salt, a bit of baking powder(optional), equal parts cornmeal and boiling water.

    Combine dry ingredients and add boiling water, mixing to a thick mush. In an iron skillet get a generous amount of oil or bacon grease very, very hot(popping, just short of smoking).

    Dollop wads of mush into the oil, mashing them flat into patties. Fry until crisp and golden brown. Flip and do the other side. [bacon,eggs, taters & hoe cakes]

    Serve hot with honey or molasses. The trick is to get the oil really hot and get them crisp.
  2. Billy

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    Not to be confused with 'Hot Cakes'; Eh? Where abouts in the USA are you two? "Snow, mountains, wilderness! Wonderful PICs report! And we here in W.Tenn. thinking FEB winter too iffy to get out on a M/C camping W/E.
  3. Jeffb

    Jeffb New Member

    Up here in Minnesota, we just had a almost a whole week of above freezing temperatures (last week) and the possibilities of going camping were pretty minimal, unless you wanted to build yourself an igloo!

    Thanks for sharing...
  4. RedRider

    RedRider New Member

    The snow level dropped to 500' today with a storm predicted this evening. I live at 800' and we probably got up around 2500' on our ride and camped at about 1500'

    We are in Hood River , Oregon, just east of Portland in the middle of the Cascade Range. I have a tour company(Adventure Sidecar), which uses KLR sidecar rigs to do sidecar driving lessons and tours. Our big tour this year includes a week of camping and riding on the old pioneer routes around Mt. Hood, using some larger tipi's for our base camp.

    Not getting rich at this, but it provides a pretext to buy a garage full of motorcycles and some cool camping equipment ;-)This camping trip was an
    experiment to see if it is practical to haul the small tipi on the bike(the big tipi's we use for the tour will go out ahead of us on the truck). The results were mixed but Andy and I sure had fun! I am doing some tinkering and tuning to see if I can make the bike handle better with that load-will post pix and report later on how that works out or you can see what I am up to at my site.

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