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    We are Adventure Riders International....

    Adventure Riders International offers a number of Adventure Riding Schools & Tour Packages throughout Canada and the United States.
    We offer the Ladies, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Adventure Riding Schools on an on-going basis, but also offer custom schools. Our classes sizes are kept small, as we believe that each students needs individual instruction in order to properly master the skills taught.
    Customized single and multi-day tours at diverse riding levels, are also available by special request. We can tailor a tour to suit your group's riding ability and comfort level.
    At ARI, we are proud to say that our schools and tours are led by professional factory trained and certified full-time instructors.

    Visit us at www.adventureridersinternational.com
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    Looks pretty cool. I'll have to show it to the Mrs.
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    Adventure Riders International was born of Lorne Banks' vision of offering specialized off-road motorcycle training across North America, to the public,

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    We are Adventure Riders International and we offer Adventure Riding Schools throughout the USA & Canada. Our cadre is comprised of full ...

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