Heat troller heated clothing fire damage to motorcycle

Discussion in 'Crashes' started by DanP, Dec 23, 2002.

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    All users of heated clothing utilizing the Heat Troller modulator.. permanent, port single and dual types. Included at the end of this post is a fwd from Mike Coan who developed and produces the Heat troller products. He has requested that this be fwd to our list.

    I have no association with these mfg's other than as a consumer. As a motorcyclist, as Mike clearly is, the safety in motorcycling is the important issue here. Mike contacted me right away after I sent him ph and email messages.

    The "pulse width modulator' Heat Troller : httw://www.warmnsafe.com that I purchased with the Gerbing heated clothing is what I observed smoking and that proceeded to a fire that burned adjacent plastics, seat, battery, igniter and local portion of the wiring harness. I have the permanent mounted type controlled by a remote switch rotary mounted on the dash. Mike has been straight forward on the incident of my Connie fire related to the products noted. Initial offer of making my bike whole sends me the signal that this is a good person to deal with, straight forward and sincere in our conversation. I am looking fwd to getting my Connie back on the road.

    While more than one product may be involved I am not able to say what started the the problem that overheated the modulator. I have been asked by Mike to do testing of my heated clothing for shorts which I will do and report back on this. This test procedure in on their website also.

    Note: it has not been determined yet which product caused the initial failure leading to the overheating of the modulator. My observation of seeing the modulator smoking and developing flame is a visual one and not a determination of initial cause. Mike has made it clear that he wishes that all models be sent in for up grades at modest prices with details in his post making it clear whether your modulator needs the upgrade(s) or has them already. He mentioned that this has been an ongoing effort tho I personally do not recall seeing the notice prior.

    The new modulators and the upgrades include a thermal fuse and silicone sealing to make it waterproof. The thermal fuse will shut down the device and prevent the fire situation I found myself in Sat night.
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    Here is what people should look for.

    First remove the label and see if there is 4 screws. If not then it needs to be upgraded because it has no thermal fuse.

    If there are four screws remove them and if you see a solid block of hot glue, kind of milky or yellow color. Then it has no thermal fuse and should be upgraded. If you can see the circuit board then it needs to be filled with silicon waterproofing. And it can be exchanged for one that has it done.

    If it is a cylindrical unit, it was not made by us but has no thermal fuse. We will upgrade it.

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