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    I ride a Suzuki Burgman 650 here in the States. I know a lot of folks tent camp. What about using a hammock? It would seem to have some advantages (weight, bulk, cold hard ground, flooding, leaks, etc.). I remember I saw a photo on the 'net of a guy in Eastern Europe, who'd slung his from the handlebars of his bike to a low iron fence, and stretched the 'rain fly' over his hammock the same way (his butt was about 3" off the ground). Anybody want to wade in or comment?
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    I've had some experience. If you are primarily a stomach or side sleeper, hammocks take some getting used to. The ones that let you sleep sort of sideways rather than end to end are much more comfortable because you can lay flatter. If it's cold enough for you to worry about the cold hard ground, it will be even colder in a hammock since you have all that cold air under you and all your insulation (the sleeping bag) gets compressed under you. They are great in warmer climes when you have access to things to hang them from.
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    With talk of tented hammocks, has anyone tried this (the Cabala catalog gave me the idea):

    Maybe a tented folding cot? If you are going solo on a trip of average intensity and mileage (not talking South America here, more Blue Ridge or the like), maybe one of Cabala's cot tents could work out. Army cots fold ito a reasonable small and light package too. So, maybe Cabala's provides the tent separately.

    Or... I think I saw a one wheeled aluminum framed adventure trailer somewhere. Light and small,manageable unless the going got intense (I would imagine). Pleanty of romm for a cot in one of those, even Cabala's. Heck, if memory serves me right you could fit your entire basic kit in it.


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