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Discussion in 'Tools, Accessories & Spares' started by henderson, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. henderson

    henderson New Member

    I just a new Garmin76c with a tech mount and I would like to know your opinion about the electrical connection .
    --better direct from the battery
    --from the headlight source of power
    --from the fuse box( I still need to install it)
    I am going to use the KLR for a trip arround the world on and off road so the connection need to be good??
  2. carmic7

    carmic7 New Member

    I installed a BMW accessory plug directly to the battery and mounted it to one of the exhaust hanger bolts behind your right knee when riding. I also tapped this wiring for the GPS source as not to let it be switched, I don't like it when the GPS shuts off when the bike shuts off. I also took out the kick stand switch and used the space for a set of blade type fuses so I never need to go under the seat again, this is where the wire taps were installed.
  3. Jayz

    Jayz New Member

    I've got my Garmin GPS V hardwired direct to the battery. That way I can use it to enter info without having to leave the ignition on/motor running, etc. The connection needs to be good no matter what the riding conditions. DAMHIK! Good quality connectors soldered to the wires where they connect to the power source. Take the time now rather than on the road somewhere. In nearly 73K miles of adventure touring my only failures have been tyres. I can live with that.
  4. dengwynn

    dengwynn New Member

    It was not mentioned, but a fuse must be in the wire right near the battery or your risk is serious.
  5. HarryL

    HarryL New Member

    If you go down the route of using an accessory socket visit your local John Deere tractor shop and save yourself a lot of cash over the Bmw item.

    It's no good asking me about GPS I'm strictly a paper map man & compass.
  6. Paul

    Paul New Member

    I installed an auxiliary socket (cigarette lighter socket) just behind the instruments. I wired it direct to the battery with a fuse. This aux socket has helped me charge my cell, charge my laptop and run a small air pump. I have it wired to a switch on a small switch box (mounted to the instruments cluster) that has the switch for my heated grips (powered through headlight spare) and aux lights.

    I do a lot of off roading on my KLR and never had a problem.

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