Givi luggage?

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  1. caldwell

    caldwell New Member

    I'm considering using Givi luggage on my DR650 for a tour of South America. I was wondering what the lists opinion was concerning their durability.
  2. Mike S

    Mike S New Member

    Mine have been very durable. I've dropped the bike when riding single-track trails, fully loaded and the Givis did an excellent job of protecting the bike. They also made it much easeir to lift the bike since it couldn't fall over as far!
  3. Fedor

    Fedor New Member

    Speaking from experience the Givi will hold up well in a pavement slide for several yards providing nothing gets in your way. Simply scraping off the plastic abrasions with a razor knife afterwards almost make the bag look new again.

    But...if you should misjudge a post or pole in a slow turning manouver and manage to hit it square from the front....well you will knock the bag clean off breaking the latching mechanism. I found that out the hard way on a side road off the Alaska Hiway when I tried to squeeze between a gate post and a rock.

    Luckily I carried a spare latch and catch which are each held by a couple of screws and a spring. The mosquitos only managed to get one pint out of me before I replaced the latch and was on my way again.

    I would recommend you carry a spare latch mechanism as they are fairly inexpensive. They take up little room in your spares kit and can save you the hassle of bungees and rope if you should suffer any misfortune. I know.
  4. moto

    moto New Member

    I've used Givi luggage on a couple of my bikes. While the aluminum panniers are all the rage for adventure touring, the plastic Givi bags have the virtue of being lighter, and we all know that when the going gets tough, weight is the enemy. Will aluminum withstand a heavier bashing? Sure. It also costs more. So it's all a matter of personal preference in the end, but I've definitely sided with the Givi bags. In my experience, they've been waterproof under all conditions, too.
  5. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto Member

    I love Givi boxes.. I just hope that i can do something to fit in two full face in my Givi..

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