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  1. Rob

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    Hi all

    I am new here and have done some lurking of posted messages.

    I have a question to all and sundry those have garmin quest II gps units.

    I have used this gps for a while now but I have a problem connecting to the intercom, at the moment I have temporarily fitted a dc/dc converter just so I can separate the power sources from each other. But like many basic models of intercoms I have little adjustment on them.

    I now have a running system but with a few props, the voice from the gps comes through far too loud, it actually makes me jump. And the power source fitted is not waterproof….

    This is still experimental at this stage but my ever-faithful r1150r isn't letting me down just its compatibility to the intercom and gps.

    The intercom is a baehr

    Garmin quest II
    Touratec mount complete with power and audio lead

    Is any body out there able to shed some light on this???

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