Fox Shuttle Tank Bag

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  1. Brad D

    Brad D New Member

    as anyone tried out the FOX brand of tank bags? The Fox Shuttle Tank Bag is on sale for $40 at . Look at today's specials.

    Its pretty cheap, is it going to fall apart in 1 year?
  2. jdf

    jdf New Member

    I have had a Fox shuttle bag for about five years now. Quality is quite good. The zippers still work and the see through map pocket is still crystal clear.

    The fox bag has only one interior section when expanded, unlike other such bags which have separate upper and lower sections. As a result this bag is the only one that is big enough inside to carry an Aerostitch one piece suit.
  3. ricard

    ricard New Member

    I`ve owned a Fox large size tank bag for about 5 years now too. At first, it looked like cheap material, but it has hold pretty good, including a big bike wreck, 30.000 km, around south america, and plenty of abuse. Good stuff.
  4. Brad D

    Brad D New Member

    The Shuttle bag is still on sale at Chapparal for $40. It is not clear to me if this bag is magnetic or if it is held on by straps - the info on the Chapparal site doesn't say either way. Does anyone know how this bag attaches to the bike? Also, does anyone have a website for FOX and maybe an opinion on how it fits the KLR650 if you have a Shuttle bag/KLR combo?

    I did find out that Rider magazine did a review of this tank bag in 1995. I don't have a back copy and it isn't mentioned on the Rider website. Too bad for me.
  5. JeffF

    JeffF New Member

    it's the same as the one I had years ago. It clips in three spots -- one in the rear and two up front. The bottom is a neoprene pad which does a decent job of preventing scratches.

    I imagine it wouldn't be too great on a KLR or other bike that has a sloped tank. For that, I'm pretty happy with my Givi Voyager. It doesn't have external pockets and whatnot like the Fox, though.

    Overally, the Fox was a very handy bag that lasted me a long time. I'd buy another, but I'd probably only use it on my flat-tanked CB750.

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