F650 - Will it Handle Highway Speeds for a Long Time?

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by AceBiker, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. AceBiker

    AceBiker New Member

    Hey people, I have to do some highway driving on my F650 as well as some dirt road. I'm wondering will it handle the higher speeds on the highway OK?I was thinking about a 1150GS but due to the weight of the bike I think it wouldn't handle as well off road so I'm opting for the F650.
  2. ben

    ben New Member

    I met some one who commutes on a F650 for about 40 miles per day. He loves the bike and has no problems with it on or off road with it. I like the F650GS and would consider getting one IF I didn't have my R1150GS ;) The 650 will do the streets no problems, you just miss out on the comforts and power of the 1150.

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