Evans Creek ORV hwy 165 west side of Mt Ranier

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Dannny, May 26, 2012.

  1. Dannny

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    Went up to Evans Creek ORV hwy 165 west side of Mt Ranier and nearly got thevan stuck in the snow as the road disappeared and it was almost too narrow on the last bare piece of the road to get the short wheelbase van turned around.Went back to the base area and parked and unloaded the KLX. Did a few trails on the sun side and some of the roads til I hit the snow level again. It was melting fast with runoff on the trails without snow. Another week or two and it wll be more acessable. Beautiful and so very quiet as I was the only one and didn't see any others since I left the main road. Needed a tune-up before this weekend of riding and the next week end am heading to bend OR to do the Joker Poker Run (dirt) with some friends who are fellow COG members.
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    This sounds cool, I hope to see some pictures!

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