Emergency tire stuffing with leaves

Discussion in 'Rubber' started by LewisW, Sep 28, 2000.

  1. LewisW

    LewisW New Member

    Foam mousse instead of tire tubes?

    Today I was told by the service manager at the local Kawasaki dealer that I should consider using foam donuts instead of tubes in my tires for my Americas Motopaseo next year to eliminate flat tire problems. He said they come in different densities (soft-hard)for different conditions. Does anybody know if this is strictly a race item or is it a viable alternative worth consideration for adventure touring? If so, where do I get them? If they can be used, would the same density be used front and rear? I'm guessing my tour will be 80% highway and 20% other (gravel, dirt, mud or sand). Furthermore, would the use of foam donuts be a serious consideration when choosing which tires to use with them? I would think so. Give me some feedback.
  2. Mike S

    Mike S New Member

    Sounds to me like the Kawasaki dealer could use a new service manager.

    I've never used the foam "mousses"(sic?) but have always understood that extended highyway riding at speed genereates enough heat that will cause the foam to quit working. They seem to be used mostly for enduro racing. As far as where to get them, your dealer should be able to get them for you. Most big mail order places have them. I think I saw them in Dennis Kirk. If foam was the way to go, you would see people using it. Stick with the tubes.
  3. punky

    punky New Member

    I print all the kind offers of assistance and invites for future reference on my tour. Thanks for your interest. Hope I meet you someday. Such messages from group members is gratifying, bolsters my resolve and is an example of the camaraderie between those of us with common interests, as well as why anybody with a KLR650 and/or interest in adventure touring should subscribe to dsn_klr650 and/or mcadv_touring on egroups' websites. Ride on.
  4. arthur

    arthur New Member

    Just wanted to note that Chris Scott has a good section in one of his books (which one, Chris? I forgot) on the heat build-up factor with foam (or anything that isn't air) that Mike S. mentioned. He also describes how he stuffed his tires with leaves, in a real emergency, in Desert Travels. This probably isn't a dealer-sanctioned procedure, but it's fun reading.
  5. LewisW

    LewisW New Member

    Yeah, I read that bit about stuffing leaves in the tire. I was thinking about that a day or two ago and thought to myself I should keep that kind of stuff in mind for emergencies. Hell, I suppose you could stuff anything soft that would fill the void in the tire, like rolled up T-shirts, sweat suit or socks to get you where you needed to go for proper repairs. Later.
  6. Bruce C

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    About 5 years ago I read a review of a guy riding a motocross bike with a pair of air-tubes back-to-back with foam inserts, and he wrote that they felt like riding a bike with about 16-18 PSI in the tires.

    They've been making those foam tubes for several years now, so they could be using more advanced technology, but my understanding is that they're strictly for low-speed dirt riding. It would be neat if they had foam tubes that could handle street usage - I'd be willing to use them instead of air-tubes for a long tour.

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