Duck Creek road & Boomi

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by JohnM, Nov 1, 2012.

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    G'day all you big traillie riders, & little ones too I guess, especially those around the Brisbane, Gold Coast area. I saddled up the Tiger last week & took a run up through Warwick, Killarney, Mt. Lindsey highway to Rathdowney, I then turned off at Tambookum & by various twists & turns found myself on " Duck Creek road " which goes from South of Beaudesert up to O'Rielly's guest house. It's an all dirt, " 4wd only " track with some spectacular scenery & heaps of corners, very easy in the dry. I guess some of you blokes up there would know that area, but if you don't, have a look. I then came back from O'Rielly's to Canungra which is also a very entertaing ride. Would only be a day trip from Brisbane, but it was a couple for me. Thats what I love about these bikes, take on dirt tracks & have fun on the tar.

    Also, last W/E a group of trail bikes came through here on a reasonably wet road, from Talwood to Boomi to Mungindi, past my place. This is N.W. N.S.W. They were Honda XR's etc. with I think Qld. plates. Any one on this list involved? I get very interested when I see bikes out here.

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