Did ya Ever?

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by Owen, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Owen

    Owen New Member

    Wind it WWWWAAAYYY up through the set of twisties on the way home and then stop briefly to check the inside pocket of your leathers for your watch and look up to see a Sheriff coming your way. Makes ones heart go thumpety-thump and makes one give thanks that he wasn't a bit earlier or you weren't a bit later.
  2. moto

    moto New Member

    :D I know the feeling.

    I've gotten lucky a few times like that. Gotten away with a few, too, thanks to forgiving law enforcement officers. I've also been nabbed a few times, but not enough to do any real damage to my license or my insurance rates.
  3. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto Member

    I definitely can relate to this one.. I still am up for grabs till now, as I'm driving with a lost plate...

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