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Discussion in 'Crashes' started by Ronco, Jul 14, 2003.

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    For those of you who like to ride at night, dusk, very early am etc. This is for anyone who rides any sort of bike. Adventure touring takes us from country trails and roads and eventually - now and then into towns and villages.

    While riding my Buell S-3T at 2am Saturday I was coming into the small town of Orofino Idaho on Route 12 when a dear ran out from a driveway and collided with me. The deer was killed and my bike sustained a lot of broken plastic. I (amazingly enough) was unhurt and able to ride the bike to a stop and after checking things out and clearing the road of S-3T debris continue on to my camp site 65 miles further.

    I WAS using something called an XP3 Hornet electronic deer alert. It does not depend on speed. It works even when you stopped with the ignition on. I noted many deer on the road that night and they all ran off or stood stock still when I approached. But I also noted (after my mishap) that deer that live in urban areas do not seem affected by alert systems. So be careful when riding through towns - especially towns and villages in rural areas! I got too confident in my alert system (I have them on all my bikes) as they have worked so well. You don't usually expect to see wild life (of the four legged sort) down town.

    So keep a sharp eye - don't let your guard down when coming into a town after riding through the "high wide and lonesome".
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    None of the deer repellers work. I've got 5 deer (one on the bike) and 3 times had some kind of deer scare away device. A friend of mine who was a sales rep for a ski company years ago would put about 2-4K miles/week on his van travelling New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. This is all in the winter when deer were closer to the road. I believe it was 14 deer he hit in one winter. He tried everything to scare them away. Nothing worked other than staying off of the road. I'm apprehensive about riding the hours when deer tend to be on the road. Now, its not really the deer that scare me but the moose and the cattle.
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    I read in some magazine (Motorcycle Consumer News?) about deer whistles and electronic deer devices.

    The writer set one of the electronic devices on a board with a bike battery, and a long wire so he could switch it from far away. He set the device in his orchard, where he saw deer daily. When, the next AM, he saw deer near the device, he switched it on. The deer did not look up from grazing. Then the writer tried to track down the labrotory that supposed to have done trials on these devices, claiming their effectiveness. It turned out to be a "subsidiary" of the company that originally made them. It turns out that they put the devices on snowmobiles and then screamed towards deer in the woods. When they ran away, it was good enough for them!

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