Day trip around Rhodes Island, Greece, on a scooter

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    On a short trip to Rhodes, we decided to hire a scooter for the day to see a few spots around the north side of the island. So for 18 Euros, we got a red 150cc scooter that fitted me and my wife comfortably. Our plan was to head from our hotel in Ixia to the Butterfly Valley, visit aphrodite's temple (or what was left of it) and then finish up in the Old City in Rhodes.
    Hitting the road:
    (photos to follow)
    Butterfly Valley - there was only the not-pretty variety of butterfly left! Did they sell all the pretty ones to tourists???

    Church and demolished temple - seriously greeks, you can't say it's aphrodite's temple when it is demolished to the ground, it's clearly only a bunch of flat rocks with a newer church next to it!

    You can climb up this cross to get an experience of what it was like to be hung from a cross by the romans, without the annoying nails through your hands.

    Pretty sweet view from atop the cross

    Apparently a 1L beer is the "small" one at this pub in the old city. No complaining though, the greek's beer ("Mythos" of course) tastes good.

    Old City

    So overall, a great experience cruising around on the scooter for the day, and well recommended for Rhodes. If you are venturing further to the south of the island, make sure you plan an overnight stay because although its a 250km round trip, quite often you are riding at walking pace through the small villages and there's alot of things to stop and qawk at.
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